Enterprise Microsharing vs. Wikis?

by Gil Yehuda on June 17, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

Last week I posted a thought on why Wikis should be a standard tool in every enterprise.  Many people seemed to agree with my thoughts.  However one commenter challenged this idea with the suggestion that smaller organizations do not need to support content creation nearly as much as they need to support conversations.  He said…

I think wikis are great for large companies. SME need something to benefit from content and knowledge formalized by people outside of the company. By people on the Internet. Microsharing – Social bookmarking and micro-blogging – are a better fit I think…

As it turns out, the commenter, Sébastien, is the business development director for a France-based employee social-networking company, YooLink Pro.  I say this so that you understand the perspective he is bringing, and I welcome it.  YooLink Pro is a very interesting tool that addresses the microsharing space.  So it’s perfectly valid for him to comment as he did.  But I’d like to ask you to comment too.

Sébastien raises an interesting question that I wanted to pose to you in the following form: In what way do you see microsharing and wikis as competitive or complimentary technologies?

Let me frame this question a bit using very polemic terms. There are at least four ways of seeing this:

  • Exclusive choice. A company either needs one or the other.  If content creation is the greater need, find a wiki.  If bookmark and status sharing is the greater need, then find a micrsharing tool.
  • Orthogonal needs. A company may need both a wiki and a microsharing tool.  They address orthogonal needs and are largely unrelated.
  • Integrated platform. A company will need to address both needs, and therefore the most effective way to do so is with a wiki that provides activity feed alerts or a social network platform that provides a wiki.
  • Feed sharing between vendor platforms. A company will need to address both needs, and a flexible way to do so is with a wiki platform that can integrate with an activity feed network or and activity feed network that can integrate with a wiki.

First question:  are these the four possible conclusions?  I got the sense that Sébastien was suggesting the first option.  I wanted to offer more.  Are there more?

Second question: which do you think make the most sense?

Request:  Please indicate whether you are representing a vendor’s perspective or you are someone who is in the market to purchase a product.  This makes a big difference.  I appreciate you being forthcoming about your comments.


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