Framework for 2.0 Adoption in the Enterprise.

by Gil Yehuda on December 3, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

The 2.0 Adoption Council has published a research report that I wrote for them and I want you to download a copy of it.

If you go now and get the report, then you don’t have to read the rest of this post, because you will already understand it.  If you are still here, let me share why it is important for you to have this report. [Note: This report is now available for free at  I thank NewsGator for sponsoring this report and making it available to the E2.0 community.  Yet again demonstrating their commitment to E2.0.  Please feel FREE to read and enjoy the report.]

report coverWe understand that the underlying goals of Enterprise 2.0 is to improve the workplace.  And we find that the “2.0” world offers inspiration, technologies, and insight into how to create this improvement.  We see that Enterprise 2.0 is increasingly relevant to many companies in many industries, in many parts of the world.  It’s not a passing fad.  There’s enough solid evidence  (quantitative investment data and qualitative success stories) collected over the past few years that points to Enterprise 2.0 as a growing marketplace and mainstream business activity.  And yet, we still have much to learn to continue to fuel this marketplace, and many barriers to deal with along the way.

So let’s face the challenges ahead, together in a 2.0 way.

When Susan and I first discussed the idea of writing research based on the 2.0 Adoption Council, we agreed that the research would strive to be above and beyond the research we have read from others or have written in our past roles.  Given my most recent employment, I have a very accurate sense of the kind of work that one must do to publish research reports that command top-dollar.  And I’m proud to see that the reports I wrote in the past were well received by my clients.  I had very high ratings on all my reports.  I had some of the best editors and reviewers in the business help me.

When it came to writing this report, I aspired to exceed what I did in the past — in that it would cover the topic with greater depth and broader perspective.  For example, I included more verbatim quotes than you find in regular research reports.  I felt it was important for you to hear the words of the people I interviewed ring throughout the report.  I was important that I interviewed people from the UK, France, and Germany, as well as those in the US.  That I spoke with companies that are in different industries and at different stages of their adoption process.  And I let the interviewees review the report before it was published to ensure that we reflected their words accurately.  Indeed, we created the report in a “2.0” manner.  We even crowdsourced the process of determining the very low price for this report.

About the 2.0 Adoption Council:  You might think of the council as a free alternative to commercial-model peer-networking groups.  Members of the 2.0 Adoption Council have free access to each other and to the research published to the group.  They also get periodic visits from analysts, consultants, and vendors who participate in targeted discussions about issues relevant to the council members.  Since these are the people who make Enterprise 2.0 happen in their companies — the 2.0 Adoption Council is the very reality of the Enterprise 2.0 idea.

The rules of the 2.0 Adoption Council prevent me from being a member.  It is only open to people who are currently employed within large organizations that are actively pursuing a 2.0 project. No vendors or consultants are allowed in.  And yet, as an outsider, I believe that the council is a vital part of the Enterprise 2.0 ecosystem for all of us.  So even though I get no direct benefit from it – I believe it is important to support it nonetheless.   I think you should too.

The proceeds of research report go to fund the activities of the council.  If you are a casual observer of the Enterprise 2.0 marketplace, I don’t expect that you will buy the report.  It’s ok.  Continue to observe and let us know how you think we’re doing.

But if you are invested in Enterprise 2.0:  If you represent a software vendor, a services provider — and especially if you want to bring improvement to your workplace — then you should purchase the report.  Your purchase funds the activities that help improve the state of the Enterprise 2.0 marketplace.  And the report will teach you things that will help you succeed in it.  I believe I know a bit about Enterprise 2.0, and I learned a lot in the process of writing this report.  You will learn much by reading it too.

About the report:  The report addresses the issue of managing the adoption process.  It’s one thing when your company has a  few people who “believe” in Enterprise 2.0.  It’s quite another when you have a transformed workplace where people really practice the vision across the company in different groups for different business activities.  Getting there is no simple feat. But that is the ultimate Enterprise 2.0 challenge.

We started the research with a good old fashioned Waterfall model that was an attempt to describe how to get there from here.  We ended up with a much more Agile description of the reality of the adoption process.  And we describe it for you.  Note: the report does not provide a step-by-step formula. We found that each company was sufficiently different from each other that a monolithic process would not make sense.  Instead we took each element of the process-pattern that we gathered and created  what is really more like the scaffolding for building the process.  Moreover, this report is not the voice of a self-proclaimed expert, it is the collection of perspectives from people who spend their working day actually doing this and succeeding at it.

This report is the first of many.  A second report is also available now (and it’s free).  If you are invested in Enterprise 2.0, then ask yourself how you could get away with not reading the 2.0 Adoption Council Research Reports!  It’s time to step out of the echo chamber and connect to the Enterprise 2.0 reality.  Read these reports and let us know what you think of them!

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