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by Gil Yehuda on January 20, 2010

in Enterprise 2.0

Today is the last day for vote for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference sessions in Boston.  Let me share with you the five sessions I proposed and give you a little background about what I’m thinking these could be.

  1. 16 ways to spark a fight in the Enterprise 2.0 Community
  2. The 2.0 Adoption Council Research Report: A Framework for 2.0 Adoption in the Enterprise.
  3. MediaWiki — does it help or hurt?
  4. Lessons from Religion about Evangelizing Enterprise 2.0
  5. Tackling the language of collaboration – co delivered with Debra Lavoy

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Fun Fighting:  It seems to me that there is some healthy and passionate debate about various topics in the Enterprise 2.0 community.  I listed them in a blog post last year and got a ton of positive feedback on this.  I think we should end the conference with a playback on some of these “fights” in order to get clarity and closure.  We can agree to disagree, but we should have a pretty good script for the conversation.  E.g.  What to do about the ROI question?  Is Sharepoint E2.0?  Is Twitter E2.0? Is E2.0 a crock? Is it revolutionary or evolutionary? What is an E2.0 platform? How to pick out the snake oil?  Can E2.0 happen in a regulated company? etc.  Maybe we won’t answer these questions, but we can have a ton of fun in a quick session where we frame the question, and have everyone participate in the fight — maybe by tweeting Yeah or Nay to a hashtag — do you think that would be fun and useful?

Research:  I’m still an active analyst, and as such I conduct research and write reports.  Some of these reports are published externally and I can talk about them in public.  One of them is a report I wrote for the 2.0 Adoption Council.  You should know about them — they are the reality of Enterprise 2.0.  I’d love to share the highlights and lessons learned from that report.  I interviewed a bunch of E2.0 practitioners who are really doing amazing things in their companies (in the US, UK, Germany, and France) and asked them how exactly they address the issue of adoption.  What organizational structures did they put in place to facilitate rollout? And what worked for them (and what issues they had to deal with)?  So it’s really all about what they said they do — and I think it’s really important that others hear this too.

Tools: We still love to talk about tools.  In most of the places I have researched or consulted with, MediaWiki comes up as a tool that was implemented somewhere in the organization.  But then somethings about it did not work well.  In some cases it hindered progress toward the overall goals.  I’d like to explore this with you.  MediaWiki is free and easy.  It is clearly scalable (it powers Wikipedia).  And its found in lots of organizations (maybe yours too).  But does it help or hurt?  And what should you do about it?

Inspiration:  I read a lot of stuff aside from Enterprise 2.0 materials and I have found that there is a potentially parallel study of community building in the practice of religious movements.  People speak about faith and fate, community and membership, sharing and helping — and they do so without some of the motivators that you have in the workforce (like money and power).  How do religious organizations get people to donate their time and money to a cause?  What can corporations learn from their language and practices that could teach us about developing a sense of helping each other in times of need?  Note: this session is not an endorsement of religion, nor will we focus on the shortfalls or failings of many religions.  Rather, we’ll explore what we can learn from what they do.

Language: At last years conference I met Debra Lavoy , the director of marketing at OpenText.  We had such a great time bantering about E2.0 issues that we decided we have to do a conference talk together.  We come at topics from a slightly different approach, but we see the same challenges in the marketplace.  One of them is the language we use when talking about Enterprise 2.0.  In this session we want to put some framing around some of the different types of collaboration and see how that translates to different goals, metrics, approaches, and tools.  My company’s collaboration may differ from your company’s collaboration — and we’ll share with you a model that will help you see how they differ and what that means to your approach.

Now as I scan the list of proposals, I see lots of other great sessions too.  I voted for a bunch that I think are really interesting to me.  And I hope that you vote for the ones that interest you too — perhaps one of these that I described above will earn your vote too.

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