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In one of the best-known scenes of The Matrix, a young boy in the garb of a monk reveals a stunning revelation to the main character – “There is no spoon“.  This concept is the fodder for many philosophical explorations into illusion, quantum physics, eastern religions, and scriptwriting.  It becomes clear as the movie progresses […]


A critique that missed the mark.

by Gil Yehuda on November 5, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

Yesterday a client of mine shared with me the following link and asked for my comment.  The article (from Infoworld) titled “IT snake oil: Six tech cure-alls that went bunk”  describes six technologies that were oversold and under-delivered. The first was Artificial Intelligence (which struck a chord with me, as my undergraduate degree is in AI), […]


Denial is a river full of crocks.

by Gil Yehuda on August 31, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

I read Dennis Howlett’s recent blog post “Enterprise 2.0: what a crock“. He’s right and wrong. Let me explain via a story that I read in Noah benShea‘s book Jacob the Baker, many years ago (Note: I like to keep this blog focused on business — but I read a lot and feel I have much to learn from everyone, so […]


Why I’m still disappointed in Yammer.

by Gil Yehuda on July 2, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

Disappointed is too kind a word. I’m really upset at Yammer. What can I do but blog about why I’m so upset? Tell me if you think I’m right.  I know Yammer does not understand how I feel (despite my previous blog posts).  In fact, they are looking forward to this blog post!! gyehuda As […]


Post #e2conf thoughts – installment 2.

by Gil Yehuda on June 28, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

In this installment I’m going to discuss community management.  I think it touches upon one of the most important elements of Enterprise 2.0 – the social human. I attended Connie Bensen’s workshop on community management. You can find workshop tweets via Twitter Search in case you want to see what attendees said during the workshop.  You can […]