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Enterprise Microsharing vs. Wikis?

by Gil Yehuda on June 17, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

Last week I posted a thought on why Wikis should be a standard tool in every enterprise.  Many people seemed to agree with my thoughts.  However one commenter challenged this idea with the suggestion that smaller organizations do not need to support content creation nearly as much as they need to support conversations.  He said… I think […]


Of all the E2.0 tools, I tend to focus a bit more on wikis than others.  So I wanted to share some blog-love with the whole wiki market and discuss why wikis are so important. I came across intranet wikis in late 2002, just before people started noticing Wikipedia – the most popular and successful single […]


Confluence 3.0 = Enterprise Wiki +++

by Gil Yehuda on June 2, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

I have just a little to add to Bill Ives’ excellent coverage of Atlasian’s Confluence 3.0 announcement yesterday.  Though I suggest you read his coverage too. I found though both formal and informal surveys that Confluence lives at or near the top of the list of Enterprise Wikis when I speak to large enterprises.  I […]


Enterprise 2.0 Thoughts to end the week.

by Gil Yehuda on May 15, 2009

in Enterprise 2.0

After a busy week, not all of it at the computer, I have many stories to blog, but not enough time for them all.  So let me share a “week in review” post where I highlight some links, thoughts, and touchpoints for you to review. Maturity:  The data is coming together to form a pretty […]


PBwiki is now PBworks.  This name change makes sense to me, here’s why.  Apparently they originally named the company PBwiki because they wanted to convey the sense that using a wiki is as simple as spreading peanut butter (PB).  But they have been adding features that extend their offering beyond being a wiki-only product.  One […]

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